Not on the same page!

You and I can never be on the same page,
You speak different, so do I
You feel different, so do I
You do things differently, so do I
You think exceptional, so do I
You look different, so do I
You score different, so do I
You get rewards, so do I
You get punishments, so do I
You sometimes regret, so do I
We may feel the same,
So do the same things, Regret about the same things,
Get punished for the same things,
Reap rewards for the same things
We can never be on the same page
Your book is different, so is mine.
Your chapter is different, so is mine.
Your cover is different, so is mine.

We are just caught up in a scene, an act, or maybe a page with a different number.
We are never on the same page.

Life is a book, published for one,
Readable to all, understood by few, meant only for you.

– Dimple Nahata Jain


Cafe Je T’aime

Je T’aime is a French word which means, I love you.

Cafe Je T’aime is just opposite the famous fairytale cafe “Mrs. Magpie”, in southern avenue of Kolkata.

The ambience of this place has some class vibrance, from the seating arrangement to color coordination.

A cute soft board on the wall which is filled with the notes from those customers who have already been there and experienced the place is quite catchy.

Cafe Je T’aime also has a small section reserved for books and games with¬†an option for customers to play the guitar, some beautiful strings can be pulled out for your partner, if you know how toūüėČ

They have a wall with lots of nice photo frames and also a heart made of strings, go check it for yourself it’s pretty cool.

What we ate here?

Veg Burger – The Patty of the burger was crisp and fine in taste. The burger was quite filling to me.

Tip : Had the burger been a bit more warm it would have tasted fantastic, you can always ask for it while placing the order.

Green Apple Soda – I really enjoyed the green apple crush mixed in soda with the lemon and mint to zing up the flavor. It indeed was well made and now one of my favorites.

The staffs here was  polite and respectful on my experience. The service is fine but a little slow.

I am planning my next visit soon to try other items of their menu. Do share your experience with me!

Tour of Cafe Je T’aime

I really like this cute cafe which have seating for around 25 – 30 people at a time.

Signing off

Dimple Nahata Jain


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K19 All Day Dining, Radisson Kolkata

K19 is fine dining restaurant in upscale area Ballygunge of Kolkata and is a part of 5-Star hotel chain ”Radisson Hotel Group”. It serves versatile cuisine and one can step in anytime, be it Hunger-Pangs, Meetings, Kitty Parties or maybe for some Classy Date with your partner.

K19 to cater Jain Friendly Food

For a Jain, eating outside is sometimes a challenge, since you can never be sure of what exactly has gone into your food. Just be sure to inform them about your preferences and they’ll curate a delicious menu and will ensure that only Jain suitable dishes reach to your table.

Jain friendly food that was served:

Tomato Shorba & Veg Sweet-Corn Soup


Tomato Soup was made of fresh tomatoes which was tangy in taste.

Veg Sweet corn soup was prepared with carrots and beans which was of right consistency which allowed the taste buds to enjoy the flavors.

Clay Oven Roasted Tangy Pineapple Sticks


This Pineapple salad can also be eaten as an appetizer, too. I loved this dish.

It was tangy with a tinge of hot spices, yet a bit sweet. Flavoring of the dish was up to the mark and worth a try.

Spiral Cheese Baby-corn


It was well crisp and tasted fine with the dips served along. Both the dips added different zing to the dish.

Hare Mattar Ki Tikki


Tikki was great to eat, wasn’t much crunchy yet it was giving all the needed tinge with the dhaniya chutney.

Spinach and cheese rolls


who can resist these dainty luscious rolls? Indeed Spinach and Ricotta are great combination. Plus the way it melts in mouth despite the outer side being crunchy. I loved it.

Stuffed Green Chili Fritters


Chili Fritters had stuffing’s of marinated cottage cheese and tinge of hot spices. Try it with mustard chutney; it gives tang-so taste.

For Main Course:

My Meal


  • Laccha Parantha – Was served hot and ghee was well spread.
  • Malai Kofta – Pretty soft and flavorful
  • Pindi Chana – The added pomegranate earned the brownie points. It was great.
  • Gatte Ki subzi – The gatte were soft and the gravy was just right to taste.
  • Curry Pakodi – Pakodi’s were well dipped and curry was sour and sweet to taste.
  • Kurkuri Bhindi – Best to have with rice and dal.




Italian dessert consisting of layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee and cream with powdered chocolate and mascarpone cheese.


The best dessert I ever had! Basbousa is a popular sweet cake made of semolina or farina soaked in syrup. The syrup may also optionally contain orange flower water or rose water. 
Apple Pie


An apple pie is a fruit pie (or tart) in which the principal filling ingredient is apples.

Tour of K19

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I was invited by the Management Team of Radisson Kolkata Ballygunge for the Lunch.

Special thanks to Mr. Toorban Ghosh (F&B Manager),Executive Chef Pankaj Kumar Jha & Mohammad Shahid (Restaurant Manager) for this warm invitation.

I enjoyed my meal very well. Thank you, again.

Signing Off
Dimple Nahata Jain

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Spice Garden – Royal Reve Hotel, Hyderabad


A Vegetarian Destination


Located : Near the Clock Tower/Sangeet Theater (Secunderabad)

An appreciable lip smacking food for herbivorous, with quite a decent ambiance to gaze at while enjoying the food.  The staffs here are very skillful and courteous. The interesting fact about the restaurant is they have quite number of lady staffs working there. Cheers to Royal Reve Hotel and this restaurant for giving opportunities to women at work in all possible fields.

Food that was served to us :



  • ¬†Hot and Sour Soup –¬†A Chinese cuisine’s soup that is known to be good for colds and upraise you instantly, just ask for some extra ginger if you have a nasty cold and enjoy its rousing flavor.
  • Hawaiian Salad¬†– The lettuce , capsicum, pineapple and cheese whisked with the mayonnaise, sugar, reserved pineapple juice and pepper just made sense to the taste. It was so nice that I had to note down the details.
  • Green Salad¬†– It was raw¬† in taste, green veggies lovers can hog this willingly.
  • Corn and Spinach Spring Roll¬†– Just like any other spring roll, it tasted the same. Can have this for an quick appetizer.
  • Paneer 65¬†¬†– Now that’s what I would call a soul food. Not a cottage cheese fan yet the way the batter was marinated to the cubes and sauteed, I loved its taste to the core.
  • Crispy Babycorn¬†– Again a regular dish yet it stood by its name. It was crispy and well served.
Main Course
Fried Rice
Veg Soft Noodles
  • Sahi Paneer¬†– The gravy wasn’t too thick or thin. It was really great, the texture was of some choice.
  • Corn palak¬†– Thankfully the palak wasn’t bitter, I liked its flavor.
  • Kadai Veg¬†– It was fairly spiced with right condiment. The veggies were well cooked and was treat to the eyes.
  • Veg Fried Rice¬†– It was made in a Chinese style, as the vegetables were well diced and sauteed.
  • Pulao – Just like any other Veg Pulao, simple and nice.
  • Veg Soft Noodles¬†– My mother liked it the most. It was soft and mild in taste.
  • Gobi ki Subzi¬†– According to my mother it was well made, it wasn’t soggy at all.


  • Malai¬†Sandwich¬†– Honestly to me this thing was absolutely new. And the way it was presented I wanted to savour the whole thing alone.
  • Pineapple¬†pastry¬†– I loved it, it just melted in my mouth, the cream was cold and sponge was rightly soft and left pretty nice impression.
  • Blueberry Mousse¬†– It was cold and nice.
  • Pista Chamcham¬†– It was too sweet to my flavor buds, couldn’t enjoy it much. But it surely felt like made of fresh Chenna and zest of pista.

Tour of Spice Garden

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The timing of the restaurant goes like¬† :¬†2:30pm ‚Äď 3:30pm,

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 6:30pm ‚Äď 11pm

The cost for two people : Rs.800 approx.


Receiving gift from GM

I was invited by the Management Team of Royal Reve Hotel for the Lunch.

Special thanks to Mr. Akhilesh Kumar (GM), Executive Chef Raju Sunwal & Mr. Vamshi Krishna (Restaurant Manager) for this warm invitation.

I enjoyed my meal very well. Thank you, again.

Signing Off
Dimple Nahata Jain
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